Smith Brothers Beliefs

We Believe

  • in keeping it simple.
  • it’s smart to ask dumb questions.
  • that “creative” is not a department.
  • in keeping our elbows and egos off the table.
  • that all media is social.
  • in feeling anything but neutral.
  • that art is the secret weapon of business.
  • that it’s better to be interesting in 20 words than boring in five.
  • the logo can be 15% smaller than you think it should be.
  • a game of beer pong can settle an argument between an AD and an AE.
  • in, “Eureka!”
  • in the freedom of the blank page.
  • in the tightly focused strategy and true human insight.
  • that puppies belong in meetings.
  • that passion doesn’t punch a clock.
  • a creative idea is a pretty nifty way to leverage your marketing dollars.
  • in Bill Bernbach and Don Draper.