From the obvious to “what the heck is that?”

Account Management

We are the shepherds of brands. We work with you to identify desired business outcomes and inspire strategies to achieve them. We partner with our producers (the owners of all agency deliverables) as well, ensuring that every element of your marketing campaign is delivered on time, on budget and on strategy. Expect energetic, insightful professionals in this role: big idea and digitally savvy people with deep CPG experience who aren’t afraid to tell you what you need to hear. Even when it’s not exactly what you want to hear.

Account Planning

We take a disciplined approach to strategy development, assessing the market, the equities of the brand and the attitudes of consumers. We also design and implement research projects and lead brand positioning efforts. The thing is, with CPG clients, there is a ton of research readily available—enough to develop a solid business strategy—and no lack of copy-testing, either, to evaluate ideas. What’s missing is the consumer insight: that window into her heart, mind and life that inspires creative leaps (not to mention more effective work). We’ve even assembled our own Intuition Panel of consumers who buy lots of, well, stuff on shelves.


We bring a CPG brand management approach to informing, defining and measuring the success of your marketing—connecting the dots across (and within) tactics, campaigns and business results. We build a foundation of analytical rigor and real-world data from the planning phase on to help you navigate your challenges and opportunities. And we employ a wide range of tools, from custom dashboards and program evaluators to detailed tactical models, to deliver clarity, examine “what-ifs” and generate and validate actionable ideas. We even eschew new media jargon for, well, English.


We put special emphasis on the craft of copywriting. Indeed, copy content, tone and style are key in defining a brand’s personality and setting it apart from the competition. Even in the new digital landscape, so often led by design and functionality, the best marketing is still about storytelling. And it’s pretty hard to tell a story without a narrative. So we sweat the copy. The headlines and taglines. The TV and radio scripts. The Facebook and landing pages. We choose our words very carefully. And our writers collaborate closely with our art directors and designers. Still, sometimes a single carefully chosen word is worth a thousand pictures.

Digital Strategy

We’re on top of trends and emerging technologies and steeped in digital best practices. We can leverage the power of digital media—including web, social and mobile; owned, paid and earned. And we can devise solutions that stand alone or fit within an integrated marketing campaign. Once we have a thorough understanding of your objectives, target market and competitive landscape, we can help you provide content for your consumers, along with instant, ubiquitous access, and engage them in conversation. Address your most pressing challenges and capitalize on key opportunities. Oh, and drive results.


Mobile is transforming every stage of the purchase funnel driven by the dramatic increase in smart device adoption. We’re helping clients get out in front of the mobile revolution and importantly, seamlessly integrating mobile into their overall marketing ecosystems. Our expertise includes mobile strategy, mobile optimization of web properties and email, application design and development, paid mobile planning and placement, mobile shopper marketing and CRM, and all facets of mobile production from concept to usability testing. We’re buzzed about the powerful combination of immediacy, utility, relevance, location and convenience that only mobile can deliver.

Digital Shopper Marketing

We guide you down the new, total path-to-purchase using our expertise in emerging media and our understanding of how your target consumers behave as shoppers. We develop shopper marketing strategies that are designed to convert brand engagement into sales and even expand categories. And we pull out the creative “big guns” to help you shout louder than your competitors in-store and online—where consumers are literally being deluged with messages. Bottom line, we give you the tools and power-by-performance to lead the retailer. Instead of, you know, the other way around.

Social Media & PR

Friends and family have the greatest influence in your consumers’ decision-making. Reading a rave review on their favorite blog or seeing their friends “like” a new product on Facebook significantly impacts the brands they let into their life. We understand the power of consumer connections and successfully leverage social media to build and foster these relationships. We are experts at planting the seed with consumers, influencers and media to generate conversations and masterfully manage those conversations within the social sphere. We don’t just get people talking. We get people sharing.


We build our clients’ websites to be owner-friendly, visitor-friendly, search engine-friendly and future-friendly. We create handcrafted semantic markup to ensure fast load times, search engine optimization and easy updating. We utilize multiple platforms and operating systems in a desktop and server environment. And we have extensive experience in cross-platform mobile development, including smart phones, tablets and other specialized devices. Translation: Whether it’s a website, mobile app or Facebook promotion, we know what it takes to get things done.

Visual Design

Don’t tell our copywriters, but people get most of their information through visuals. And, of course, every ad needs a boss: a visual hierarchy that engages the consumer and organizes information in a way that’s easy to navigate. Using the principles and elements of design, along with the brand’s own visual legacy—be it an era, a style or a color palette—our art directors and designers work with our writers to make people stop, think, laugh or see the world a little differently. And, yes, act.