Stephanie Bane

Stephanie Bane

Director of Account Planning

Stephanie Bane
How visionary is Stephanie? She switched to contacts WAY before it was trendy.

Stephanie’s career in began while serving in the Peace Corps in Chad, Africa. There she had her first experience with observational and qualitative research while conducting a community needs assessment to identify viable development projects. The outcome was a culturally appropriate textbook about HIV/AIDS, published by the Chadian Ministry of Education and integrated into the national curriculum for secondary schools.

When she returned to the U.S., her experience in research and the development of culturally relevant communication transferred easily into marketing. While it isn’t on the same level as, say, saving lives, she still applies things she learned there in her role at the agency.

Out of Africa, Stephanie worked for 10 years at MARC USA, first as an analyst, later as an account planner on brands like Rite Aid, True Value, The Pennsylvania Lottery, Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Merit Bank and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Other industry experience includes healthcare (UPMC) and QSR (Checkers/Rally’s).

Prior to joining Smith Brothers, she also worked at Smith Advertising in Raleigh, NC (no relation) for two years, primarily on Travel & Tourism brands such as Hilton Head Island and the Pinehurst/Southern Pines CVB. Apparently, Stephanie likes the name Smith.

Stephanie holds a BA in English Lit from Case Western Reserve University.